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Lake District Canoeing and Kayaking with Distant Horizons

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Lake District Canoeing

Open canoeing is most popularly recognised as a leisurely outdoor activity which enables people to explore waterways, and in the Lake District and Cumbria they are the meandering rivers and scenic lakes that shape the region.  Canoeing can either be a relaxing experience on flat water or an adrenaline filled adventure down a white water river.  Whatever you seek from open canoeing it is important to get the best guidance, by that we mean people who canoe regularly and are well accustomed to spending time on the water.  

Why a Canoe?

Open canoes are perfect for novices and using for a family outdoor activity due to the simplicity of the design and the minimal amount of training needed for that first canoeing experience.  Open canoes were originally designed for carrying supplies and large amounts of equipment along rivers and lakes.  The ‘open top’ design that allows this therefore means you aren’t enclosed in a cockpit and instead you are free to move around in the ‘bathtub’ like shape.  The design makes the canoe very flexible, whether you are looking for a one day experience or a canoeing expedition with several days out on the water, and therefore lots of provisions.

When a sturdier vessel is required, whether it is for windy conditions, to encourage water confidence or even a spot of canoe sailing, boats can be rafted together to create a catamaran style set-up before journeying out onto the water.

Other Things To Consider


If you feel you would like more in depth professional instruction, Kayak For Hire has friendly and experienced instructors that can develop and improve your canoeing skills and make sure you feel confident and at ease before you set off on your own adventure.  Click here for more details on canoe instruction in the Lake District.

Additional Equipment and Prices

We provide a variety of equipment to help make your own canoeing adventure a positive one including buoyancy aids, paddles, dry bags and camping equipment, and our staff are on hand to assist with advice on how to correctly use the equipment. Click here for more information on our Lake District canoeing equipment and rental prices.

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