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Lake District Canoeing and Kayaking with Distant Horizons

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Lake District Kayaking

Kayaking has long been a mode of water transport providing people with the means to travel, hunt, fish, and best of all to explore different parts of the world.  In the Lake District and Cumbria kayaking is a great way to explore the lakes and rivers that this beautiful area has to offer.  There are many ways to see the sights throughout the Lake District but none better than being able to gaze from the seat of your kayak and marvel at the vast lakes and towering mountains.   We have several varieties of top spec kayaks which we use for our kayak journeys and tuition.

Why and Which Kayak?

This all depends on what you would like to do with your day on the water.  We offer:

  • Solo sea kayaks (top picture)
  • Tandem sea kayaks (second picture)
  • Sit on top kayaks (third picture)

Sea kayaks are great for moving quickly, efficiently and offer storage space to pack in the essentials whether it is for a day trip or an overnight expedition.  However, sea kayaks can take a bit of practise for novices and the seats are enclosed in a cockpit.  But don’t let that put you off, sitting in a cockpit is great for protecting you from the elements and sitting low in a boat increases stability and in turn control of the kayak, particularly with a properly adjusted seat.  Sea kayaks are the boat of choice for many of today’s open water paddlers as they offer lots of control and comfort; however we recommend that first time sea kayakers have some instruction before heading off independently. Tandem sea kayaks are ideal for novices as control and propulsion of the boat can be shared.  If you would like some instruction from a short introductory session to a full day skill course Kayak For Hire has friendly and professional instructors at hand.  Click here for more information on our kayak instruction packages.

Sit on top kayaks are the ‘go-karts’ of the water, great for short journeys, brilliant fun and so easy to use that you can just get on and go.  Sit on top kayaks aren’t enclosed and are shaped more like a thick surf board with a seat, this means you are free to stretch your legs and jump into the water without having to worry about the complications of getting back in.  Sit on top kayaks are also good for allowing the user to get a feel for the movement and benefits of kayaking without being enclosed in a cockpit.  Sit on top kayaks are great for family days on the water due to how user friendly they are allowing young and old paddlers a like to feel confident and have loads of fun.

Other Things To Consider


If you feel you would like more in depth professional instruction we have friendly and experienced instructors that can develop and improve your kayaking skills and make sure you feel confident and at ease before you set off on your own adventure.  Click here for more details on kayak instruction in the Lake District.

Additional Equipment And Prices

We provide a variety of equipment to help make your kayak experience a positive one including buoyancy aids, paddles, dry bags and camping equipment and our staff are on hand to assist with advice on how to correctly use the equipment.  Click here for more information on our kayaking equipment and rental prices in the Lake District.

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